Parks Tree

"Climbing to New Heights"

Tree Removal

   Parks Tree specializes in the event that a tree must be removed from your property. Tree removal can be a hazardous job in the hands of an amateur, especially trees that are close to your home. Parks Tree is experienced in  removing trees from delicate or seemingly inaccessible places. Our estimators will discuss with you the safest method for removing your tree and give you a free written proposal with specifications and price.

When it comes to tree removal, our tree crews will remove the tree safely according to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) specifications. Our tree workers pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring the tree down without damage to your home or landscaping. The clean-up crews ensure that your property and service area will be neat and tidy throughout the entire job and upon completion. We can haul everything away, or leave the wood for you. Your estimator can give you several options.

Tree Trimming Service

  Parks Tree provides tree pruning & tree trimming services. Pruning your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are many different tree trimming methods for different species of trees, and for how you want your trees to grow. Do you need more light to fall on your lawn so that your grass can grow? If so, your trees may need to be elevated and thinned. Are large tree limbs growing over your house? We can prune the trees back or remove them so that they do not interfere with your house or structure. Do your trees need general clean-up? We can prune out dead, hazardous and crossing tree limbs to keep your trees growing strong and healthy.

Emergency Tree Service

   Parks Tree has professionals standing by 24 hours a day
for your tree emergency needs
Parks Tree is always available to provide emergency tree
service. In Northeast Ohio extreme weather conditions are
almost a guarantee. Thunderstorms snow and ice storms
can cause major damage to your trees. High winds or
heavy ice can break tree limbs or topple large trees onto
your property or even your home.
Do you have a tree emergency that you need help with
right now? Contact us and we will be there as soon as possible!
Parks Tree specializes in assisting you during these
hazardous conditions. We are available 24 hours per day,
7 days a week to help you with tree removal. We can have
an estimator at your home or place of business within 2
hours, and he can mobilize a tree removal crew on the
spot. Our equipment operators and tree care employees
are experienced in the delicate job of removing a fallen
tree without further damage to your property